Teeth Whitening

Treat yourself to a brighter smile and improve your life! Whitening your smile will offer you immediate results and can increase your confidence as well as the frequency of your smile.


You are worth it!

There are many ways to whiten your teeth, however only those available at the Dental Office and administered by Qualified Dental Health care professionals are of Prescription quality.

Tooth whitening is basically achieved through the application of Hydrogen Peroxide, the same material used to bleach your hair. If not applied carefully the hydrogen peroxide can enter your body by swallowing….would you choose to swallow Hydrogen Peroxide Bleach? – of course not, so why take a chance with over the counter products or whitening procedures that are provided at a spa, in the mall or by those others who are not trained Dental Professionals?

One of the most common cosmetic procedures we perform is tooth whitening. There seems to be a lot of confusion amongst patients about what it is and how it works.

Basically a whitening agent is applied to the tooth, which acts on the proteins in the surface of the tooth which cause the tooth to discolour. These proteins are chemically de-linked and this results in a whiter tooth!

The principle is simple, the stronger the whitening agent the faster, deeper and better it works. Here is an analogy you can think of. You can go to the drugstore and get an aspirin, good for a minor discomfort, or you can get an extra strength Advil for mild pain. A prescription for Tylenol 3 will take care of some moderate to severe pain or the Doctor can give you a shot of morphine for major pain!

Whitening is similar. Over the counter products are inherently weak and need to be used for a long period of time to work, and remember you can't have anything that will stain the teeth during the time you are whitening, and for 48 hours after….do you want to not have coffee or tea, red wine, or many fruits and foods for that long?

Toothpastes do not have an active whitening agent in them other than for removing the stains off the surface, and all toothpastes will do that! Remember, you can't whiten the actual tooth enamel with a toothpaste.
You can buy Hydrogen peroxide gels and strips from the drug store ...like an aspirin,
Pen applicator – Liquid hydrogen peroxide you place directly on the tooth for a quick whitener application….how effective can this be as it must be limited strength and won't stay on the tooth for very long…minutes?
OTC liquid tray system liquid or gel form of hydrogen peroxide, (we don't recommend this as you often swallow the chemical ...can't be good!) and the applicator tray is not customized to keep the material from touching the gums…also, it must be inherently weak to be sold without a Prescription…dental office controlled.
Dentist supplied Tray system -you can go to the dentist and have a customized tray made to hold the whitening agent in the right place, so you won't swallow the material and the gums will be protected…(but a little bit of a hassle because you have to wear the tray for a number of hours over a long period of time – usually we find most people just leave it in the drawer unused after the first day or two)
The ultimate which is in office Laser Whitening, where the concentrated whitening agent is applied under strictly controlled circumstances and i/n 3 - 15 minute bursts the teeth are WHITE! …Then in our office just to make sure we maximize the treatment, we supply you with the at home trays for immediate follow up and touch ups which may be desired a year or two down the road!
Remember there are restrictions, old fillings will not change colour and often need to be replaced, some colours of teeth whiten more than others and there are dietary restrictions during every whitening process.

Zoom Whitening in Aurora

In-office Whitening
phillipszoom.jpgThe quickest, easiest way to effectively whiten your teeth is in-office treatment with Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed. Zoom WhiteSpeed is the only in-office system that has variable intensity setting so each treatment can be customized to maximize patient comfort. The system also includes desensitizers to help minimize sensitivity and protect your enamel. This dentist-supervised, in-office procedure is safe, effective and clinically proven to whiten up to eight shades—for a brighter, whiter smile in just one office visit.

Whitening at Home
Philips Zoom DayWhite and NiteWhite offer superior at-home whitening for a visibly whiter smile in one day and your whitest healthiest smile in seven to fourteen days. Philips DayWhite and NiteWhite are the only at-home whitening products to contain amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP), which is clinically proven to reduce sensitivity, protect enamel and help improve the luster and smoothness of the teeth.

Zoom at-home whitening products are completely customizable. Your dentist creates a custom tray made just for you and can tailor the formula concentration and wear times to your sensitivity and lifestyle.


Please ask us if you are a good candidate for tooth whitening.