Much like the rest of your body, your teeth and gums are affected by aging. Many people find that as they get older their teeth and gums begin decaying

at a much faster rate leading to yellowing of the teeth and receding gums. Warding off the effects of aging begins with understanding how your teeth and gums are affected by the aging process.

Yellow teeth
Worn teeth
Cracked teeth
Recession of gums
Crooked teeth
Missing teeth
A crucial part of limiting how your teeth and gums are affected by age includes the concern of good oral health from an early age, for example:

At Home Oral care including a power tooth brush
Regular Dental Visits to control dental disease
Slowing or stopping tooth wear with bite splint appliances
Keeping teeth straight with orthodontics
Replacing missing teeth to prevent the bite shifting causing tooth, perio and joint problems
Good Nutrition
Avoiding Bad Oral Hygiene Habits i.e. Smoking, elicit drug use
Fixing Damaged worn, broken and decayed Teeth
Special protocols for pregnancy, worn teeth, Cancer patients, diabetes etc.
Although there are certain measures you can take to help keep your teeth looking young and healthy as you age, when you begin to notice the effects of time on your smile, there are cosmetic procedures that can help your smile to reveal a younger happier you!

Procedures available to undo the visual effects of aging on your smile include:

Dental Recontouring
Porcelain Veneers
Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth
Restoring the worn dentition
Missing teeth - implants
Your smile can make you look as young as you feel with the help of a few anti-aging procedures at the capable hands of Dr. Shasha and the team! To learn more about the anti-aging procedures we are able to offer at Smiles Dental, please contact our office.