Root Canals


Root canals are the hollow channels reaching from the central chamber to the bottom of the tooth roots.

The endodontic root canal treatment is often called by the same name, although endodontists and others in the dental field refer to it as a root canal procedure, therapy, or surgery.

It is important to visit a dentist who specializes in endodontics when symptoms of a root canal problem first emerge. When one experiences tooth pain or has a deep cavity, the endodontist may determine that a root canal procedure is necessary.

The root canal procedure is often the most effective way to save a natural tooth once a cavity/decay, infection or injury has gone too far for a simple repair. Root Canal Therapy is the removal of the 'root' where the blood vessels and nerves are found. This stops any further infection from entering the bloodstream as well as removing the source of pain from your mouth. The area or 'canal' is then filled and the tooth is repaired with a crown.