Cosmetic Dentistry

Studies have shown that the first thing someone looks at when they first meet you is your smile. People will judge you within the first 30 seconds of meeting you and your smile makes a big impression! What does your smile say about you?

Look younger and feel more confident!

Cosmetic Dentistry is not only about making you look good, but it also means making you feel good, not only about yourself when you see your new smile, and how others see you, but to make sure the dentistry feels natural in your mouth and your bite.

Cosmetic dentistry is about your smile and teeth so they look, feel and act naturally. We have a dental Lab on site to make your visits faster, more efficient and have your teeth looking perfect every time!

Do you hide your teeth when you smile?
Are your teeth dull, grey or yellow?
Do you have gaps between your teeth?
Are they short, worn down or broken?
Do you show a lot of gum when you smile?

These are just some of the areas that motivate people to want to change their smiles.

Dr. Shasha and the team will analyze your smile with you, talk about your concerns and customize a solution in order to give you the smile you never thought you could have! Using our computer imaging system we can show you what your before and after will look like. You can be confident that by improve your smile you will improve your life!

Let us create the perfect smile just for you whether it is a Hollywood smile or a simple enhancement, we will make you smile when we make your smile!

Your smile - The ultimate accessory!