Children Dentistry - Or kid’s friendly


At Smiles dental, we provide comprehensive dental care for toddlers, young children and teens. We provide our services in a friendly safe environment always.

Your child first visit will be short, pleasant and fun. We listen to you & your child, and will provide you  basic information about dental care for your child.  Dr. Shasha will check your child’s teeth, and overall health to ensure no health issue interfere with any treatment the child will need in the future, we will count their teeth with your child, show the child all the instrument we are going to use before using it and we will a have a tour with your child in the office with the first area our children’s play room area to show all the toys, books and video game system.  Every child will get a toy by the end of their visit plus, they will get a bravery certificate if they did very well during their visit.

Usually we recommend you make your first baby visit by their 1st birthday, as baby teeth start to erupt through the gum between 6 months and one year old.

During your visit our team and dentists will answer all your concerns and questions.

Services offered for children at Smiles Dental:

Cleaning fluoride treatment

Children dental exam and oral hygiene instruction

White filling

Simple extraction for baby teeth if needed

Sports mouth guard

Laughing gas if the child is nervous

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